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ACU | Objectives

  • To educate Egyptian and International students to be market-responsive modern-minded graduates and to provide knowledge cadres that are highly trained, both scientifically and practically. For this objective, ACU will introduce an innovative approach to practical training called Co-op Programs, whereby a student is placed in a company as a junior employee and is paid a small stipend by his host company. The placement creates a real recruitment process and job environment for the student. The implementation of the Co-op will be done with the help of Canadian universities, while concentrating on small and medium-size industries for placement.
  • To develop high-demand programs and academic curricula in various disciplines, producing qualitative shift, with the assistance of Canadian educational and scientific institutions.
  • To consolidate ties among various academic and scientific disciplines and to take part in offering inter-disciplinary studies and communal services. For this objective, ACU will implement a common first year program to its entering students to maximize the inter-disciplinary component of the programs in its four Initial faculties.
  • To encourage distinguished Egyptian staff members, locally and abroad, to consolidate their ties of cooperation with their Canadian counterparts and Canadian universities.
  • To Be a world-class, basically non-profit-oriented educational institution, using modern teaching techniques.
  • Allow opportunity for a percentage of distinguished high-flying students in education and sports wise to avail, free of charge or against relatively lower fees, such high-level education, in a bid to realize justice and societal peace and provide care and encouragement for high-flyers.
  • Enter into global competition on university and higher education and scientific research, with due consideration of the accelerating changes and successive innovations.

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Address : 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt
Tel : (+202) 3833 3078
Fax : (+202) 3833 4379
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