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Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications for 2018/2019 Academic Year

Accepted High School Certificates

The academic requirements for ACU Admission vary according to the high school certificate obtained. Please be informed that any changes may occur according to the Private Universities Registration Office, Ministry of Higher Education.

Minimum Grade to be accepted across colleges for 2018/2019 academic year


Egyptian Thanaweya Amma & Thanaweya Azhareya for 2018/2019 academic year





Dental Medicine

Thanaweya Amma,



Science branch




Thanaweya Amma,


Computer science

Mathmatics branch



Mass Communication



Business Administration

All branches


-Canadian Diploma

  • Having 8 subjects five of them in grade 12.
  • Maximum three subjects can be counted from grade 11.
  • Subjects counted should include the qualifying subjects relevant to the study group of choice at ACU.
  • Other complementary subjects should be fulfilled


-IGCSE and GCSE for more info please refer to:

  • Passing 8 O-level subjects.
  • Minimum Grade accepted in O-Level subject is "C".
  • Minimum Grade accepted in AL or ASL subject is "D".
  • AL or ASL Math is required to join Faculty of Computer Science & IT and Faculty of Engineering.

- American Diploma

  • Having successfully completed 8 different subjects.
  • Accepted Students must have been studying grade 10, 11 and 12 in the American system.
  • Subjects’ less than one credit are not accepted.
  • Subjects calculated should include the qualifying subjects relevant to the study group of choice at ACU.
  • Subjects can be calculated from Grade 12, 11 or 10. Minimum number of subjects to be calculated from G12 is 4.
  • Subjects as PE, music, yearbook, religion, etc…are not counted.
  • The minimum Score accepted in the old SATI is 1200 for the academic year.
  • For the new SATI, the minimum score accepted is 850
  • SAT II is not required but gives the students extra bonus in the evaluation
  • Subject to be taken in SAT II:

For Faculty of Computer Science: Math is a necessity + other subjects (physics-chemistry- Biology).

For the Faculty of Pharmacy: Biology is a necessity +   other subject (physics-chemistry- Mathematics).

- International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Passing 6 subjects – minimum 3 of them to be taken in Higher Level.
  • For Faculty of pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry are necessity to be accepted.
  • For Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Engineering, Math and physics are necessity to be accepted.

 - Thanaweya Amma from Arab Countries

  • A scientific-oriented Thanaweya Amma is required for studying in the Biological Sciences, in Computer Science and Engineering Group.
  • A non-scientific oriented Thanaweya is required for studying in the Management and Arts Group.
  • All Islamic subjects are not counted during the evaluation.
  • Students obtaining their Thanaweya Amma from Yemen must submit proof of 12 years of schooling.

- Abitur

  • Having acquired the qualifying subjects according to the relevant study group at ACU.
  • For Abitur students graduated from Germany, subjects are calculated from Grades 12 &13, & some subjects can be counted from Grade 11 (physics, chemistry & biology).
  • The number of subjects to be calculated is 7 (including the qualifying subjects).

Qualifying Subjects

To state the eligibility of a student for a particular study group, there are certain qualifying subjects required.

Regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education

All Students who have an Egyptian nationality holding Foreign High School Certificates and who did not take Arabic Language and Religion exams during their high schools must sit for and obtain a passing grade in the Thanaweya Amma Arabic Language and Religion exams before graduation from the University. The student has to complete 12 years of study (3year after preparatory School or 6 year after Primary School).

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