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Admission System

Admission System

ACU Admission System

The mission of ACU is to develop Egyptians and non-Egyptians to be outstanding graduates who are qualified to meet the global requirements. They will also be responsible citizens who have social and ethical knowledge in the society.

First: Admission Procedures:

Students apply directly through the students’ affairs office. They are required to submit the originals of Thanawaya Amma certificates or any equivalent to open a file for each student, each file worth 500 Egyptian pounds. In addition, each student should pay the tuition fees for one semester. After that, internal coordination is conducted according to the instructions of the ministry of higher education.

Second: English Language Placement Test:

An English Language placement test is conducted to determine the level of English for the applicants.


Third: Issuing the Identification Cards for the Students:

  • The identity cards are issued after submitting the payment receipt to the identity printing office.
  • Students are not allowed to take the English language test unless they get the identity card with a recent photo and this can be done on the same day of the exam.
  • Students are not allowed to receive the books unless they get their identity cards.

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Contact Address

Address : 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt
Tel : (+202) 3833 3078
Fax : (+202) 3833 4379
E-mail :
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