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CPSƆ Objectives

  • Establish an educational factory through designing of graduation projects for the fifth level students in the subject of Industrial Pharmacy, and through integration with the research laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Train the freshly graduated pharmacists and workers in related industries for the manufacturing and analytical operations carried out by the machines and instruments of the educational factory and what the cooperative companies contains, through signing of the cooperation protocols with the pharmaceutical companies.
  • Develop and study new pharmaceutical dosage forms in cooperation with the center partners from industrial companies and registration offices.
  • Develop new methods of analysis to be applied for stability studies for the benefit of the center partners from industrial companies.
  • Maximize the opportunities to take advantage of some of the naturally available or locally manufactured raw materials in the field of drug manufacturing.
  • Assist the pharmaceutical companies in the registration of new products and developing and re-registration of existing ones.
  • Provide scientific and technical consulting services about the rules of current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and quality by design (QbD) as well as bioequivalence studies for the companies and pharmaceutical factories and agencies, ministry of health and institutions.
  • Support the scientific research for faculty and teaching assistants and talented students and encourage the integration of research departments in applied fields.
  • Organize scientific workshops, seminars, conferences and training courses to raise the efficiency of students and graduates of colleges of pharmacy and improve their effective participation to the health care and pharmaceutical fields.

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