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Consultancy and Pharmaceutical Services Center (CPSƆ)

 Faculty of Pharmacy كلية الصيدلة

مركز الاستشارات والخدمات الصيدلية

Consultancy and Pharmaceutical Services Center (CPSƆ)




Ahram Canadian University (ACU) University is a private non-profit Egyptian university established in 2005.  ACU introduced the Faculty of Pharmacy as the first college with its most important goal to improve the profession of pharmacy in the Egyptian, Arab and international pharmaceutical societies.

For that, the faculty of Pharmacy, ACU founded, its consulting and pharmacy services center (CPSƆ) in 2010 as one of the basic units that will contribute to achieve this goal involving educational, scientific research, and community service.

CPSƆ Vision

Reinforce the value of the profession of pharmacy and the level of the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry.

CPSƆ Mission

  • Provide different training programs that aim to raise the professional and practical efficiencies for the Egyptian pharmacists through activating the continuous learning pharmaceutical programs.
  • Create and develop a distinct environment to share information and transfer of experiences between the academic and industrial communities.
  • Strengthen the applied scientific researches to improve their industrial applications.
  • Provide technical advice and consultations to the Egyptian pharmaceutical plants and research centers to solve their problems and improve the quality of therapeutic preparations, whether pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or cosmoceutical products.
  • Build the trust with the center clients through the application of the ethical and good rules of pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and analysis by applying a system maintains the confidentiality and privacy of each client and project.


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Contact Address

Address : 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt
Tel : (+202) 3833 3078
Fax : (+202) 3833 4379
E-mail :
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