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Vision, Mission & Core Values


School of Business Administration at Ahram Canadian University seeks to be one of the top colleges locally and regionally in the field of administrative sciences, providing high quality educational programs those consistent global and local standards.

     Therefore it provides its graduates with local and international functional skills as we are looking forward to active participation in the welfare and progress of society through responsibility towards the nation.



The School of Business Administration at Al-Ahram Canadian University is committed to providing quality educational and research programs to prepare professionals in the field of administrative sciences to enable them to compete locally and regionally and to contribute to meeting the needs of the business environment in their respective specialization.


Program Learning Goals

The learning goals represent the main educational goals for each academic program. Learning Goals are developed based on the University mission, School of Business mission and the department objectives. They serve two main purposes; first, they convey to the faculty and the students the educational outcomes toward which they are working. Second, learning goals assist potential students to choose programs and concentrations that fit their personal career goals.

Definition of Program Learning Goals

Based on the School of Business Administration mission and the basic curricula features mentioned above, the following are the set of learning goals for the various degree programs offered by the School of Business Administration. The conceptual definition for the learning goals is developed at the SBA level, which is then broken down into an operational definition that is developed at each academic area level.

Conceptual Definition of Learning Goals

The following are the conceptual definitions of the SBA learning goals.

  1. Ethics and Social Responsibility. Each SBA student will be able to understand the role of ethics and social responsibility in organizational building, as well as the ability to integrate ethical reasoning and social responsibility in decision making.
  2. Professional Focus and Professional Qualification. Each SBA student will develop professional focus in the field of study, as well as developing the required background that will enable him/her pursue relevant professional qualification and certification in the desired field of study beyond graduation.
  3. Global Perspective. Each SBA student will be able to recognize the role of globalization in shaping the business and economic systems
  4. Teamwork and Leadership Skills. Each SBA student will understand and demonstrate effective leadership styles, teamwork and collaborative behavior.
  5. Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills. Each SBA student will develop critical thinking skills that will enable him/her to analyze and conceptualize problems that are of complex nature, and develop intuitive solutions through the proper use of their analytical skills.
  6. Communication Abilities. Each SBA student will be able to effectively use communication and negotiation skills in a multicultural context.
  7. Integration of knowledge among all fields of business. SBA students will build the capacity to integrate their knowledge in the various business disciplines to assess complex business situations.
  8. Information Technology. Each SBA student will appreciate the use of Information Technology as a means of enhancing business and societal welfare and be able to integrate an understanding of technology in decision-making.
  9. Life-long learning. Each SBA student will appreciate the importance of lifelong learning, upgrading knowledge and the need to be among the first in implementing innovative solutions.

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