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  • Incomplete English Exam Fall 2015
  • Academic Collaboration Agreement with IBM Press Release Ahram Canadian University signs Academic cooperation agreement ------ Dr. Farouk Ismail – President of Ahram Canadian University (ACU), and Engineer Amr Talaat – IBM Egypt General Manager signed an academic cooperation agreement to enable the university students on the latest IBM technologies and a help them acquire academic and technical certificates. The program began with a 5-day training for faculty members. This program trains the faculty members of Computer Science and Information Technology, Engineering, and Business Administration and enables them to train university students and fresh graduates on emerging technologies such as Mobile, Business Analytics, and Cloud computing. The students will receive accredited certificates from IBM. As stated by Dr. Farouk Ismail, these training courses will assist Ahram Canadian University students to gain new skills needed in the labor market in the region. This was announced by Dr. Farouk Ismail – President of Ahram Canadian University (ACU)   Alahram Youm7 Elbalad Masrawy   Photos
  • Canadian Embassy Visit to ACU Press News 7-12-2015 Delegation of Canada's Embassy Visit to Ahram Canadian University Visit Photos جريدة الأهرام اليوم السابع البوابة فيتو    
  • NTPMR 2016 Conference 1st ACU International Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences On New Trends in Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, NTPMR 28th-29th May 2016   Visit Conference Website
  • ACU Graduation Ceremony 2015 On 15th October 2015 Ahram Canadian University has celebrated university graduates July & September 2015 from all faculties in Nageb Mahfouz hall at Alahram Foundation.  Many VIPs attended the ceremony including staff and graduates' parents. ACU Graduation Ceremony 2015 Photos
Incomplete English Exam Fall 2015...... Academic Collaboration Agreement with IBM...... Canadian Embassy Visit to ACU...... NTPMR 2016 Conference...... ACU Graduation Ceremony 2015...... course evaluation online system...... Important AD for FODM Students...... Faculty of Mass Communication and Universtat de Barcelona......
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