General Instructions for the Academic Year

General Instructions for the Academic Year 2015/2016


What's news?

  • Announcement-Phase II enrollment stage ACU announces the opening of phase II and is currently accepting papers for those wishing to enroll in ACU colleges first level for the semester (Fall 2015). Sunday 20-9-2015 is the last date to transfer from university and starting from Monday 21-9-2015 will not allow any student to withdraw from university except after payment of the total fees of first semester 2015-2016.  
  • Spring 2015 admission Important Advertise for perspective students
  • course evaluation online system To all ACU Students, please start logging to online courses evaluation system and evaluate your courses as soon as possible
  • Important AD for FODM Students Collaboration with UBC, Vancouver. click the link for more details.
  • Faculty of Mass Communication and Universtat de Barcelona FMC Signed Post Graduate Program Agreement with Universtat de Barcelona Details will be published a.s.a.p
Announcement-Phase II enrollment stage...... Spring 2015 admission...... course evaluation online system...... Important AD for FODM Students...... Faculty of Mass Communication and Universtat de Barcelona...... English Program new webpage on ACU Faculties' websites...... Entrepreneurial Leadership Discovery Program (ELDP)......
Parents & Visitors
We are proud that you are considering the ACU as an option to your child's college education. And if your child has already decided to join the ACU, we are honored to have him/her on board our institution.
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