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School of Business Administration Adopts academic excellence, professionalism, Ethics, society engagement, while preparing students for their professional careers through offering a wide range of various programs; to provide sustainable learning services that would keep up with the needs of the constantly developing market.

Our school is also working on providing a learning environment that guarantees cooperation. Interaction and respect among the teaching staff and students. School of Business Administration always helps support and develop the community through its specially designed program for this cause. Conducting Seminars and conferences that takes the interior economic and social issues as a theme is one example that highlights the school’s role in serving and developing the Egyptian Community.

Preparing our Alumina to engage in all economic and industrial fields especially those monetary institutions (Banks – Stock Market – Money Market – Corporations) and multinationals is one main responsibility of our school.

Serving academic programs of a high quality to our students is essential, one of our main concerns is to provide students with access to various academic and on field skills and experiences to enable them to apply what they learnt properly and in a professional manner in any given aspects that has a connection to our faculty’s specializations such as Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, and Financial Economics.




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Contact Address

Address : 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt
Tel : (+202) 3833 3078
Fax : (+202) 3833 4379
E-mail :
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