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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Mass communication faculty is unique as it belongs to one of the major media institution in the Arab world.

In the faculty, we are committed to graduate students who have all the professional and ethical standards needed in the media field.

Therefore, we are keen to usually enhance and update the educational and the research process in order to prepare graduates who can work easily in both traditional and new media institutions and have all the necessary capabilities and skills.

Values adopted by the faculty:

1-      Media has no boundaries.

2-      Modern thinking.

3-      Honesty.

4-      Ethical standards.

5-      Impartiality and no bias.


Mass communication faculty aims to qualify students to work in both traditional and new media organizations in a manner that balances between maintaining their freedom of expression and their responsibility toward the public interests.

Moreover, it aims to graduate students who can face the challenges of high competition, globalization, and democracy and who can interact easily with different media organizations and civil society.


Strategic Goals

1- Raising the institutional capacity of the Faculty.

2- Increasing the efficiency of the educational effectiveness of the undergraduate level.

3- Creating new, sophisticated and distinctive graduate programs in the faculty.

4- Raising the efficiency of scientific research and linking it to community needs and priorities.

5- Composition of distinct and independent character of the students positively that is reflected on their careers after graduation.

6- Improving the performance of special units to assess the consulting and training

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Contact Address

Address : 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt
Tel : (+202) 3833 3078
Fax : (+202) 3833 4379
E-mail :
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